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European Psychiatry presents, 8 times per year, the results of original research relative to those domains which are presently of interest to psychiatry: psychopathology, nosography, chemotherapy, psychotherapy, clinical methodology, biological disorders and mental pathology, psychophysiology, neuropsychology, as well as animal behavior.

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This wide scope emphasizing, nevertheless, the publication of original articles, is aimed at:
1) encouraging the exchange of ideas and research within Europe,
2) establishing within the international psychiatric community an improved level of scientific communication.
Short communications will be published rapidly in order to keep information in this journal up-to-date. In the years to come, European Psychiatry will endeavour not only to publish high level scientific original articles, short communications and editorials, but also letters to the editor, AEP newsletters, book reviews, information on new regulations in Europe and conference calendar.

For Psychiatrists, psychologists, psychopathologists, pharmacologists, neurologists, neuroscientists, general practitioners.

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